Why a dental implant is a long term tooth replacement option

Not so long ago, the only tooth replacement options were bridges or dentures. Today, dental implants offer a long-term, natural-looking alternative. Geraldine Ty, DDS, and Shahram Kamaei, D.D.S, implant dentists, explain how dental implants can help Burnaby residents keep smiling.

Implants are permanent

Your dental implant becomes a permanent part of your mouth. During the implant process, your dentist drills a hole in your jawbone and places a titanium post in the hole. Over the course of several months, your jawbone grows around the post. Once the implant integrates completely with the surrounding bone, it’s just as strong as a natural tooth root. The final step in the process involves placing a porcelain crown on top of the abutment that connects the post to the crown

Implants are long lasting

With proper care, implants can last your entire life. Care is simple. Just brush and floss as you normally do. Plaque builds up on your dental implant, just as it does on your natural teeth. Removing it helps prevent an infection called peri-implant that can threaten your implants. Fortunately, following a good oral hygiene routine reduces the risk of infection and helps ensure that your implant stays strong and healthy.

Implants are a cost-effective, long-term solution

Implants aren’t cheap, but they might just be the least expensive tooth replacement option in the long run. Both dentures and bridges must be replaced eventually. Depending on when you first received dentures or a bridge, you may need to replace these items several times during the course of your life. Since implants are a permanent solution, you only pay once and never have to worry about replacement costs.

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