What Do I Need to Know about Sedation Dentistry?

The truth about sedation dentistry

If you dislike dental appointments, either from fear or you just hate being in the dental chair, it may be time for you to consider sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry allows you to be in a relaxed state while receiving dental care. Your dentists Drs. Peter Kim and Geraldine Ty in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada would like to introduce you to the benefits of sedation dentistry.

Many people fear needles, time in the dental chair, the hustle and bustle of the dental office, and the sound of the dental drill. Now, you can forget all of that because sedation dentistry allows you to remain relaxed and calm through it all.

Your dentists Drs. Peter Kim and Geraldine Ty want you to know all about the different levels of sedation available:

  • Oral sedation, which allows you to be conscious and relaxed through your appointment, but you may not remember any of it. Medications include Valium, Halcion and a variety of others.
  • Inhaled conscious sedation, usually in the form of nitrous oxide, which you inhale through a nose-piece; you will feel light headed, but still conscious. Inhaled sedatives leave your system quickly, with no lasting effects.
  • Intravenous conscious sedation, which goes directly into your bloodstream by injection into a vein; IV sedation works almost immediately and can provide a profound level of sedation. You probably won’t remember much of your appointment.

Sedation dentistry will decrease your fear and enable you to have a comfortable, relaxing appointment. Your dentists Drs. Peter Kim and Geraldine Ty will also be able to complete more of your treatment in a single visit because you will be calm during your procedure. You deserve a comfortable, easy appointment, so consider sedation dentistry as a part of your treatment. Your dentists Drs. Peter Kim and Geraldine Ty in Burnaby, British Columbia will provide you with the best treatment available in the most comfortable setting. Find out more about sedation dentistry by calling today!


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