Top 5 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

In the world of dentistry today, dental implants are the preferred choice for getting replacement teeth, and are equally popular with the patients as well as the dentists. Have you ever thought why implants are so popular for replacing your missing teeth? This is because of their superior esthetics, convenience and comfort in comparison to other tooth replacement options.

What are Dental Implants?

An implant is basically a replacement tooth root made of a titanium metal post which is carefully screwed into the jaw bone. The bone actually merges into to the metallic post making a natural bond with it and providing a very strong root on which a tooth crown can be attached. Not only single teeth, but multiple teeth, and even a complete denture can be supported by two, four, or where required, a greater number of implants. Implants owe their popularity to many reasons, top five of which are given below.

  1. Most like natural teeth

Roots of your natural teeth are firmly anchored in the jaw bone. The implant has a similarly strong anchoring in the jaw bone. The titanium screw undergoes osseo-integration, a natural process by which bone cells grow around the metallic surface of the implant. This makes a structure as strong as the natural tooth root. Any crown or denture placed on this root will be as good as a natural tooth. The metallic structure is totally below the gum and invisible, and a very natural looking crown placed on this root will serve just like a natural tooth. Implant supported teeth will permit you to eat, speak and smile just as you would have with your natural teeth.

  1. The longest-lasting tooth replacements

Owing to the osseo-integration of the implant with the jaw bone, the implants actually become a part of it. Given normal hygiene practice and dental care, the implants can be expected to last a lifetime in most cases. No other restoration offered by dental technologies today offers that long in a lifetime.

  1. Able to prevent bone loss

Bone loss will inevitably follow tooth loss. All restorations other than implants cause further loss of gum tissue and jaw bones to a greater or lesser extent. This process is called bone resorption, which cause some facial features to shrink and distort. Implants not only protect against bone loss but actually promote bone growth in the form of osseo-integration. This is a unique advantage of implants.


  1. Safe for adjacent natural teeth

Implants have no absolutely no effect on the health and strength of adjacent natural teeth. All other forms of tooth replacements will have an effect of weakening the adjacent teeth. As an example, a bridge must take support from a healthy tooth on either side. These supporting teeth have to be trimmed to receive the attachments. Thus these natural teeth also get weakened. Implants are supported by the jaw bone like natural teeth, and do not endanger or weaken other teeth. Dental implants are stand-alone tooth replacements that don’t rely on support from adjacent natural teeth and do not weaken the adjacent healthy teeth.

  1. Easy to care for

Conventional dentures and bridges need special care. Dentures have to be removed at night and kept in a special soaking solution. If that is not done the denture will shrink and fit no more. Dentures may need special creams or adhesives- implants need no such care. Implants will also be free of caries and subsequent need for fillings and root canal treatments. Implants cannot stop gum disease but normal hygiene practice and regular inspections will take care of that. Thus caring for implants is as easy as for your natural teeth.

Are you now thinking of saying goodbye to your old dentures? That’s a very good idea! Visit us at Burnaby Square Dental so that we can guide you regarding the possibility of getting your missing teeth permanently replaced with dental implants.