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Sedation Dentistry

Dental operations today can be done fearlessly. Your dentist can block your pain sense though local or general anesthesia.


Dental operations today can be done fearlessly. Your dentist can block your pain sense though local or general anesthesia. In case you are scared of even the local anesthesia injection, your dentist can sedate you first so you do not mind taking the injection.

The Connection Between Dental Fear and Pain

Research has shown that when you are scared of something, even dental treatment, automatically your guard goes up, and at the same time, your pain threshold goes down. In simple words if you are anticipating something painful you become hyper sensitive to every stimulus-even sound. If that happens to you the dentist has very effective means of making you comfortable. He will give a sedative that will calm you down, and will remain composed during the most complicated procedures.

Choosing the Right Sedative Agent for you

Before selecting a sedative for you, the dentist will take your complete medical history and current status, including the medicines you are currently taking, whether on prescription or over-the-counter. Your dentist would also like to know whether you smoke or drink, or have allergies to anything. The effect of certain sedative medicines wears off slowly, and you may need someone to drive you back home.

Ways to Relieve Anxiety

Inhalation Conscious Sedation

conscious-sedationNitrous oxide gas has been used by dentists for almost a century. It is not very good at pain killing but is very good at lifting one’s mood by relieving anxiety. In fact, it is also known as ‘laughing’ gas. All bodily functions remain normal. It is administered in mixture with oxygen through a small face mask which is placed over your nose. The effect wears out very quickly after the mask is removed, and there is no hangover.

Oral Sedation

oral-sedationOral (by mouth) sedation is a popular choice for many people because it avoids the use of needles. Oral sedatives in pill form are either to be swallowed whole or kept under the tongue to dissolve. Either method works pretty fast, in a matter of minutes. Your dentist will choose from a variety of sedative or anxiolytic (anxiety suppressor) medicines made available through modern medical and dental research. All these medicines have been tested for safety before allowing them into the market.

Some of these even have “amnesic” properties, which means after using them you are conscious throughout the treatment but will remember virtually nothing of what happened. Commonly used medications include Ativan®, ®, Halcion®, ValiumSonata®, Vistaril®, and Versed®. If you are interested in learning more about sedatives, consultour chart on Types of Oral Sedatives

IV Conscious Sedation

iv-sedationSedatives can be delivered directly into the bloodstream. Intravenous (IV, into the vein) injection is more potent than when taken orally, and the amnesic effects of the may also be more profound. Since IV sedation has an almost immediate effect on body functions — including the essential parameters heart rate, blood pressure and breathing — there is a higher level of risk in IV sedation than with oral or inhalation sedatives. Hence a higher level of training is required for those who can administer it. The patient must be monitored with special monitoring equipment throughout the sedation period. The fast action property has an advantage in that the sedation level can be constantly regulated while monitoring. You will not remember anything after the sedation wears out.

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