Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain Veneers

What makes a smile beautiful? That’s a complex question, but some lovely smile qualities are immediately identifiable: good tooth color, shape, and alignment are a few of the most important ones. If your teeth could use improvement in any of these categories, porcelain veneers could be just what you’re looking for.

Recent years have brought remarkable advances in dental porcelain technology. These days, veneers can be made so thin that they can sometimes be bonded directly onto your existing tooth surface. In other cases, a very thin layer of tooth enamel — as thin as the veneer itself — needs to be removed to fit the new porcelain surface and make it look as lifelike as possible. Either way, the results are sure to make you smile.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a kind of ceramic used for medical purposes that shield your natural teeth’ front area. Dental veneers give an instant change to the smile of a person. Porcelain veneers are specially designed for every patient to guarantee a perfect fit. The materials are well-developed such that it resembles the enamel of a natural tooth.

Dentists can use dental veneers for numerous cosmetic changes, which range from teeth whitening to teeth corrections. Because of their natural and realistic look and various uses, porcelain veneers are among the most common and dependable cosmetic dental techniques.

How Porcelain Veneers Works

Step 1: Examination and Treatment Planning

This initial step requires your full participation. Let your dentist know the result you want to achieve. During your meeting, your dentist will check your teeth to ensure that dental veneers are suitable for you and examine what the procedure will entail and a couple of its limitations. The dentist will take X-rays and create impressions of your mouth and teeth.

Step 2: Preparation

To make a tooth ready for a veneer, your dentist will mold the surface of your tooth, which will appear approximately the same and as thick as the veneers that are to be added to the tooth’s surface. Before shaping the enamel, you and your dentist will choose if the use of a sedative to numb the surface is required. After that, your dentist will design a prototype or impression of your tooth. This prototype is taken to a dental laboratory and used to develop your veneers. Typically, it requires between 2 weeks to one month for your dentist to get the veneers back from the lab. While waiting for the permanent veneers to be delivered to the office, you will be given a temporary dental veneer.

Step 3: Bonding

Before fixing the dental veneer permanently to your tooth, the dentist will put it on your tooth for a while to check the color and how it fits. The dentist will continually trim the tooth as needed to achieve the appropriate fit. The color of the bonding cement can be adjusted with the color of the veneer.
Furthermore, for your veneer to stick adequately to the tooth, your tooth will be polished, sharpened, and washed, which implies that roughening the tooth will make it strong enough for the bonding process. Various cement is used on the veneer, and the veneer is later placed on your tooth. Immediately it has been well positioned on your tooth. Your dentist will place a light beam on the dental veneer.
The light molds the cement and hardens it. The last stage is to remove any extra cement, examine your bite, and make any final adjustments required in the veneer. Your dentist will instruct you to come back for a check-up in a few weeks to examine how your gums are reacting to your veneers and to, once again, check their placement.

Are You a Candidate?

To know if you’re a suitable candidate for dental veneers, your dentist will schedule a pre-consultation where your teeth’ health will be evaluated. You will also discuss all the possible treatment options.

Treatment that involves tooth preparation is irreversible. Therefore it is essential that your dentist talks to you about any other option that gives the same results but with little or no removal of the tooth’s structure. If you and your dentist conclude that veneers are a perfect choice, the next step is an extensive review of your treatment details, which includes getting your teeth ready for your veneer procedure and what is needed to make them have a good look and fit perfectly.

Advantages of Porcelain Veneers

Can Cover Cracks, Chips, and Discoloration

Porcelain dental veneers can solve minor cosmetic problems that can be seen when you smile or speak. In the process of your consultation, your dentist will know if you’re a suitable patient for a dental veneer. For instance, your dentist can advise you to use veneers to cover the tiny space between your front teeth.

Simple and Easy

Dental veneers are tiny fractures of medical porcelain plastered to the front of your teeth and make them look more beautiful. Veneers have the most natural-looking shade, and they illuminate light as natural teeth do. They are also stain-resistant, making them a perfect fit for people who want to have a radiant smile without putting too much effort or heeding too much precaution. As dental veneers are non-permeable, they can resist stains that can be long-lasting and

Natural Look

In this kind of dental repair method, you may need more than one dental appointment. However, the outcome comes out perfectly naturally. At your first consultation, the dentist gets an impression of your teeth and takes them to a laboratory where the veneers will be made. The laboratory makes the veneers that will be the same color as that of your natural teeth.

Fast Cosmetic Repair

A primary method of treating space between the teeth is braces or other dental treatment. However, a few people prefer to get veneers rather than putting up with the braces’ discomfort and pain. Instead of moving the teeth, veneers only cover the cosmetic problems so that the individuals who will be aware of your dental issues are you and your dentist. At Burnaby Square Dental facility, we can discuss whether your cosmetic dental problems could be corrected with veneers.

Low Maintenance

Although veneers are stain-resistant, you’ll still have to brush your teeth two times per day and floss once every day to guarantee appropriate oral health. Ensure you plan regular dental check-ups with your dentist. This simple care will help you keep your veneers sparkling white so you can have a gorgeous, healthy smile. As dental veneers are non-permeable, they can resist long-lasting stains and cavities better than normal tooth enamel. In a nutshell, little effort is required to take care of the veneers!

Enhance the Confidence in Your Smile

A typical veneer procedure requires you to only schedule two appointments at our clinic. To permit space for the veneers, your dentist will get rid of enough enamel from the fronts of your teeth during your initial visitation. To safeguard your teeth, for the time being, your dentist will put temporary veneers. Your permanent veneers would be available on your next visit to our facility. At that point, your dentist will ensure the tooth restoration is the same color as your natural teeth. We may change how the veneers fit a bit so that they have a natural feel and look. By the end of the procedure, you’ll have an extra lovely smile!

Value For Money

Porcelain veneers are used to achieve many important goals, from the whitening of teeth to the replacement of enamel and orthodontic camouflage. Patients who pick this dental procedure love these advantages as well as the cosmetic improvements they give. Even though veneers are more expensive than many other cosmetic dental procedures available, patients believe the investment is worth it.

Correcting Imperfections

A tooth may show many cosmetic problems at the same time, like rough shaping, discoloration, and chips. Patients with several dental issues often think a couple of cosmetic enhancements will be required to enhance the way their teeth look. But this is not usually the case. Dental veneers are often used to correct so many problems at a go.

Why Go for Burnaby Square Dental

Care is Patient-Centric

Patients of all ages are special to us. We make sure to give you and your loved ones an excellent dental treatment experience by ensuring patients’ absolute comfort throughout the procedure.

Cutting Edge Materials and Exceptional Team

Completely accredited and equipped with cutting-edge technologies, we delight in providing a top-notch dental solution to our patients in a friendly and comfortable environment. Our workers were chosen based on their attained training, experience, personality, education, and skills, making them an exceptional asset to your dental care team.
To determine if porcelain veneers are appropriate for you, contact us at (604) 526-2725. An incredible smile journey is waiting for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

For individuals who would like to keep their natural teeth but need a major correction more than whitening, veneers are the best choice. The best candidates for veneers are those with broken or chipped, stained, worn, or torn teeth caused by aging, short or uneven teeth.

Porcelain veneers are not a permanent solution, but they are durable that they can last up to 12 to 25 years! Veneers are a cost-efficient dental treatment as they are comfortable and durable compared to other dental treatments.

Each stage of the veneer procedure is painless and comfortable. However, the enamel’s removal can make it sensitive.

Veneers on their own are stain-proof, but (there’s usually a but) enormous consumption of stain-causing drinks such as tea, cola, and coffee can ultimately stain the bonding materials used to glue the veneers to your teeth. Thus, always take these drinks in moderation.

Porcelain veneers are long-lasting dental repairs made to provide support for the average chewing as well as biting. With veneers, you will be able to chew gum without hassle as gums are not tough enough to put their integrity at risk.

Depending on how you maintain and take care of porcelain veneers, it can last for up to 12 or even 25 years. This lifespan is much longer than that of composite veneers. Staying away from hard food may increase the veneers’ lifespan and prevent the structure from being damaged.

Porcelain veneer’s cost depends on the number of teeth to be treated and the dental office’s location where the procedure is to be performed.

Dental veneers are a perfect solution for individuals with broken, discolored, uneven, spaced, odd-shaped, worn down, or misaligned front teeth.

A veneer procedure can be done on just one tooth, but if, for example, you slipped and fell to the ground and broke your teeth that they now have a gray cast, then you can have veneers on multiple teeth.

They are neither stronger nor weaker than your natural teeth, but they are sure to feel like natural teeth. As long as they were correctly performed, you will not feel any difference when speaking or eating. It’ll be as if you hadn’t undergone the procedure at all!

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