Options If You Have Missing Teeth

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If you knew how many Burnaby residents had one or more missing teeth, you might be surprised. The condition is more common than you might realize, and many of those with missing teeth visit Shahram Kamaei, D.D.S or Geraldine Ty, DDS at Burnaby Square Dental for treatment.

Are you one of the many Burnaby residents who has one or more missing teeth? If so, a trip to Burnaby Square Dental should be in your near future as well. Here are three fantastic options Dr. Kim and Dr. Ty are likely to discuss with you.

1. Dentures

Dentures are a removable set of false teeth that sit on the top of your gums where your teeth used to be. You can opt for partial dentures or full dentures, depending on the number of teeth you are missing. Depending on the type of dentures, you get, your dentures may fit through suction or they may attach to your remaining teeth with clasps.

Modern dentures are realistic looking, comfortable, relatively inexpensive and fully functional. Unfortunately, however, they do need to be replaced every five to eight years, they can slip out of place if not fitted properly, and they do not support jaw health.

2. Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a tooth replacement option that involves the suspension of one or more false teeth in between two existing teeth, which hold the bridge in place on either side for support.

Dental bridges typically last five to fifteen years, which is longer than dentures typically last, and they do not need to be removed for cleaning. Unfortunately, however, they cause damage to the surrounding teeth, making them irreversible.

3. Dental Implants

The strongest, sturdiest and most reliable tooth replacement option, dental implants replace teeth by anchoring new crowns to the jawbone with titanium screws. Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth or several.

Advantages of dental implants include how easy they are to clean and maintain, the fact that they are permanent and the fact that they support a strong and healthy jaw. Unfortunately, however, dental implants do require surgery and they can be expensive.

Dentures, dental bridges and dental implants are all excellent tooth replacement options, but no one option is right for every person. Talk to your dentist at Burnaby Square Dental to find out which tooth replacement option is best for your missing teeth, and get started on the right treatment plan for you today.


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