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Mouthguards for Adults

What You Need To Know

mouth-guardIn the busy modern life of today with all its tensions, physical activity and sports are very essential for good physical and mental health. Luckily most adults are conscious of the facts that moderately vigorous exercise and sport has advantages in this direction. Primarily, it promotes blood circulation, which in turn promotes health and vitality. Cholesterol and blood pressure are controlled, and chance diabetes is reduced. As a result of this knowledge, a very large number of American men and women engage in in some sort of regular exercise sports.

Sports and your Dental Health

Physical activity, particularly active sport, with all its benefits to health, has a risk of injury associated with it. The American Dental Association (ADA) has identified over two dozen non-contact adult sports including cycling, handball, baseball, skiing, surfing, riding, etc., which are a potential cause of oral injury in adults. Apart from pain, oral injury can cause cosmetic issues, loss of work hours, and treatment expenses.

However, this risk should, in no way, become a justification for lack of exercise and sport. Measures to mitigate the risk are available, and can be taken. Measures recommended by the ADA could reduce your risk of dental injury during sports by as many as 60 times. Only if you follow the advice!

The Mouthguard : An Indispensable Part of Your Sports Gear

athletic-mouthguards-thumbYes! A good quality mouthguard, made specifically for you is one single piece of sports gear which gives you maximum protection against sports-related injury. It is a small, lightweight protective device that you see professional sportsmen wearing during games. It fits over your teeth, absorbs the force of an impact, and protects you against oral injury. A variety of mouthguards are available from various sources. These include:

  • Off-the shelfmouthguards.These are easily found in big sports stores, and at some retailers. These are quite inexpensive andnormally come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.To wear and hold them in place you must clench your teeth in them. They can be quite uncomfortable and not very effective.
  • Boil-and-bitemouthguards.These are an improvement on the off-the-shelf guards. The guard is softened by boiling in water. It is worn when soft and molded into size with fingers, teeth, and the tongue. Their effectiveness can vary depending on how much of the mouth they cover.
  • The custom-made mouthguard. This is the type recommended by the professionals. The guard is made just for you and fits your teeth perfectly. The dentist makes mold of your teeth and sends it to the lab. The lab prepares a guard which fits your teeth perfectly. Custom-made mouthguards are expensive, but they are indispensable for active sportsmen. They are the best protection against oral injury.

At Barnaby Square Dental, we specialize in providing excellent fitting and esthetic mouthguards. With the help of mouthguards, now you can enjoy all kinds of sports without having to worry about injuring your dental structures while you play.

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