Loose Teeth & Bite Problems

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Loose Teeth & Bite Problems

As a child, it is a cause for celebration when you have your first loose tooth; as an adult, it is absolutely not. Biting and chewing with a loose tooth is unpleasant and painful. A loose tooth is at risk of being extracted or falling out in the worst-case scenario. It is often possible to avoid this, but swift action is needed.  Leaving any known oral issues untreated can worsen the condition. More complications may arise, thus treating it may also be challenging. 


At Burnaby Square Dental, we specialize in treating loose teeth and other other dental problems and ensure that even before those problems become severe, they are immediately prevented through proper oral and professional care. 

What Causes Loose Teeth & Bite Problems?

Periodontal disease, a bacterial infection of the gum and bone tissues that cover and protect your teeth, is the most prevalent cause of tooth looseness. The infection is caused by bacterial plaque that accumulates on your teeth due to poor oral hygiene. As plaque and tartar production increases and tooth-supporting bone is lost; this is called periodontal disease that causes the gum tissue to detach from the teeth. As a result, teeth become loose and can no longer tolerate natural biting forces as more bone is lost. Loose teeth will gradually fall out if the periodontal disease becomes severe.

A clenching or grinding habit that produces too much biting force is another common cause of tooth loosening. The periodontal ligaments that bond the teeth to the supporting bone can be stretched by this force, causing your teeth to loosen. These habits can cause jaw pain and excessive tooth wear, as well as exacerbate bone loss.

What Are the Treatments?

Loose Teeth Treatment

A dental cleaning could be the best option if you have loose teeth due to poor oral hygiene. It removes accumulated plaque and tartar that infect the gum tissue, allowing loose teeth to fuse to the gums and remain compact. On the other hand, a mouthguard may be used to treat loose teeth affected by teeth grinding or clenching. If the condition is more severe or was caused by an automobile accident, dental splints may be used.

Bite Problem Treatment

A custom mouthguard or dental splint treatment is widely used to correct bite problems. Meanwhile, orthodontic appliances such as braces and invisalign are most often used to correct both bite problems and misaligned teeth. Bite correction therapy is often recommended for people who need restorative dental work.

Benefits of Treating Loose Teeth & Bite Problems

Improved Tooth Mobility

Deep cleaning can help minimize, if not eliminate, inflammation and the accumulation of bacteria and other impurities that lead to the degradation of supporting tissue. It improves dental mobility and tissue regeneration and relieves pain.

Proper Distribution of Forces

The proper distribution of occlusal forces is achieved when treatments are used to prevent premature contact between arches or to stabilize and correct bite gearing. This removes overloads or tension that exist in certain parts of the periodontium to achieve more balanced bite.

Tooth Structure Protection

A mouthguard can prevent bruxism, particularly while sleeping. When excessive pressure and force are reduced, tooth structure degradation is also prevented. With the structures preserved, no enamel or dentin would be damaged, exposing the teeth to sensitivity or pain. A mouthguard also helps to keep your chewing motion, as well as your vertical facial measurements and other physical features, normal.

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Maintaining proper oral hygiene and making regular dental visits are crucial in keeping your mouth healthy. Your dentist can also check for any unknown issues to be addressed and treated before becoming a more severe condition.

Should you feel hesitant about getting your dental check-ups, remember that these visits help maintain and improve your oral health and overall wellbeing. With so many advantages, you should be motivated to always take care of your health.

Final Words

Having a consultation and examination with your dentist can help identify which treatment option will be the most ideal for your case. If you prolong an issue and leave it untreated, it can only worsen and lead to more problems. You may end up completely losing your teeth and experience a number of problems such as ‘face-eating’ and speech difficulties. Fill out our online form to schedule an appointment today or visit us at 7885 6th St #210 in Burnaby or call us at (604) 526-2725. With our dental experts at Burnaby Square Dental, we make sure to treat all your dental issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a correct bite is just as crucial as having straight and aligned teeth. When the edges of your teeth are not aligned properly, you may have difficulties eating well. Furthermore, you may also find it hard to pronounce words correctly. When forces are not balanced throughout your teeth, you may also experience facial unbalance and even jaw joint problems in the future. Having a poor bite causes excessive stress to your teeth and wears down the enamels on the crown. In light circumstances, your teeth may become more sensitive to hot, cold, and some foods. In severe cases, however, this can lead to sore, loose, or cracked teeth.

Sometimes a mild mobility on a tooth may not be a big concern, but it is strongly recommended to come in for a dental exam if you feel even the slightest looseness on a tooth, so we can prevent it from getting worse in the early stages.

Yes, a loose tooth should be taken seriously. It is highly advised to get professional help within 12 to 24 hours to have higher chances for your dentist to save your tooth and for you to experience as little pain and discomfort as possible.

Loose teeth are standard and not a concern when it comes to children. However, this may be a severe issue for adults. It indicates that your tooth has significantly decreased support and is slowly separating from your gums and bone. Any movement, even a slight touch, eating, or chewing, can worsen your tooth loosening.

Patients have found that fixing their bites can enhance their facial appearance. When an underbite, overjet, and overbite is corrected, the jaws and upper lip are also improved and aligned better. Thus, it redefines your jawline and enhances your features.

Depending on the cause of the loose tooth, the tooth may be restored again, but the tooth may not be saveable if too much of the supporting bone structures around the tooth have been lost. This is why it is crucial to visit a dentist immediately to increase the chances of saving the loose tooth.

Severe fractures can lead to a loosened and displaced tooth, and in turn, bleeding gums. To save the tooth from falling, the dentist splints or bonds the tooth to the adjacent teeth. While it is stabilized to keep from falling, the gums and bones are allowed to heal.

Having an uneven bite can put extra tension in your jaw muscles. This stress can lead to pain and discomfort. In severe cases where the jaw suffers from a significant amount of pressure, it may even bring about TMJ or Temporomandibular joint disorder.

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