Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

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What is Cosmetic Tooth Bonding?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic surgery that involves applying a composite resin material with a similar color to your teeth to improve their appearance. Bonding can be used to enhance the look of cracked, chipped, stained or broken teeth and those with large spaces in between.

Usually, dental bonding requires very little tooth preparation. Anesthesia is not usually needed except when a decay exists or an old restorative procedure would be carried out. A conditioning gel is used to roughen the teeth to adhere correctly to the tooth. The next step is to apply the composite resin, which is then hardened using a curing light. The resin will then be molded and polished to its final look.

Who is a Perfect Candidate for Cosmetic Tooth Bonding?

The perfect candidate for dental bonding is anyone experiencing difficulties smiling due to the appearance of their teeth. This does not relate to individuals experiencing trauma or decay. Instead, it involves individuals with minimal teeth issues such as a chipped tooth, a significant space, a minimal crack in the enamel, or teeth discoloration. These issues do not require an effective restorative procedure, and dental bonding can quickly correct them without hassle.

Dental bonding can only be performed on candidates with a healthy set of teeth. The enamel and the cracked chipped or discolored tooth’s roots must be intact and in an excellent condition. Resin is a bonding material with similar color as that of the tooth. It is positioned on an existing enamel before it is molded to match the teeth in the surroundings. As soon as the required shape and size are achieved, a special light is used to harden the resin, making it a natural part of the mouth.

Advantages of the Cosmetic Dental Bonding


In the earlier days, less attention was usually paid to dental wellbeing as opposed to physical wellbeing. Currently, individuals are more conscious about their dental wellbeing and care for it accordingly. Therefore, it only makes sense to make its treatment affordable to enable more individuals to benefit.

Thankfully, just like teeth whitening procedures, dental bonding is much more affordable than dental crowns or veneers. Moreover, the costs of dental treatment are covered by most insurance policies.

Rapid Procedure

The time involved in a dental bonding procedure is usually less compared to dental crowns or veneers. The entire dental bonding procedure does not usually exceed one appointment. Therefore, if you are the active type, dental bonding is your best option.
Additionally, a dental laboratory is not required for a cosmetic dental bonding procedure to be carried out in an office. The entire procedure can be carried out without using orthodontics, from the material application on each tooth to the teeth alignment.

Secure and Safe

Previously, silver fillings were used, which results in a chemical leak after a while and has side effects on the body. However, as opposed to silver filling, composite resin and materials that are significant components of dental bonding are entirely safe and biocompatible. This implies that it does not contain any harmful substance or chemical that is hazardous to health.

Additionally, the material’s application during a cosmetic dental bonding procedure adheres to the teeth to create a perfect seal that ensures that the area is free from germs and prevents any infection in the filling area.

Minimally Invasive and Rapid

Tooth bonding is usually positioned on an existing dental enamel. First, the tooth’s surface will be prepared by inscribing a rough gel on the enamel. A conditioning treatment is then used to coat the tooth to guarantee that the bonding material adheres properly to the tooth. You can collaborate with your dentist to select a resin shape that is ideal for your smile. Afterward, the shape is formed after applying the resin to the tooth. After hardening and drying the molded resin using a special ultraviolet light, the bond will then be polished and buffed by your dentist to achieve a natural shine.


Tooth bonding is among the cheapest and easiest dental procedures available. Only one dental appointment is needed to carry out your dental bond compared to other dental procedures such as veneers and crowns that need multiple dental appointments to complete. Also, dental bonding is another excellent option for hiding the look of an open gap, which would avoid the costs and time involved in orthodontics. Furthermore, anesthesia is usually not required except when bonding is utilized for filling a cavity.

Middle Ground to a More Comprehensive Treatment

Investing in porcelain veneers can be associated with uncertainties. As a matter of fact, cosmetic dental bonding is used by most individuals as a temporary treatment before porcelain veneers. In a situation where you need less comprehensive or invasive treatment for your teeth to achieve a perfect smile, cosmetic dental bonding can restore your confidence in just one dental appointment, and it can help you evaluate your options before additional cosmetic dentistry. However, suppose you have opted for porcelain veneers. In that case, you can utilize cosmetic dental bonding as a middle ground to achieve a more comprehensive set of teeth without waiting for that perfect smile.

A Natural Perfect Smile

Composite resins are developed to appear similar to an existing set of teeth to achieve the perfect, natural smile. You can quickly accomplish that aesthetic smile without any indication that you have performed cosmetic dentistry through minimal adjustments. The resin usually has a smooth finish and looks similar to a natural tooth such that the difference is not apparent. The resin is also solid such that eating and enjoying your meal is not affected and much better when you have complete and straight teeth.

Secure and Protective for the Teeth

Cosmetic teeth bonding develops a seal between your teeth and the external world, which prevents bacteria from entering your mouth. Although you might have to safeguard them from staining by improving and maintaining the overall oral hygiene, the resin acts as a protector to the teeth. Previously, silver or combined metal fillings (or amalgams) can secrete poisonous materials to the body. However, composite resins are developed from the combination of organic and inorganic substances that are biocompatible and do not react with your teeth, therefore, are safe to the body. After the procedure, you can rest assured that your teeth are protected and secured from damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental bonding on the front teeth can last for about four to eight years but contingent upon your eating lifestyle, your bite, and the bonded tooth’s position. It is usually recommended to avoid tough foods that can impact the bond’s structure.

The overall cost of dental bonding is determined by the procedure’s extent, the dentist’s skill, and the bond’s location. On average, the cost is usually between $300 and $600 per tooth.

Dental bonding is a multipurpose restoration procedure used to treat several aesthetic and functional dental issues. In a situation where you intend to retain a bright smile, it is critical to keep in mind that over time, there would be a stain on the resin material used for the dental bonding, but whitening procedures have no impact on them.

Much composite bonding needs minimal reshaping and coarsening on the enamel. Composite bonding is used to address chipped front teeth, cover the front of teeth and close small spaces to improve their aesthetics.

Usually, dental bonding is painless. Dentists do not usually use anesthesia since the location required for the procedure is less sensitive.

Once your dentist has hardened the resin material, the next step would be to mold it. Afterward, it would be polished to appear similar to the surface of other teeth. When considering completion time, dental bonding can take between 30 minutes to 1 hour for every tooth.

You don’t have to wait to schedule a new appointment before eating or drinking. However, you may feel minor sensitivity to cold and heat after a dental bonding procedure.

Not really, but similar to other teeth, it needs to be flossed and brushed every day and cleaned professionally two times every year at a dental office. Use of tobacco, coffee, or red wine can also stain bonded teeth, but unlike a natural tooth, lightening bonded teeth is usually impossible. Therefore, any tooth whitening procedure that you intend to perform must be performed before the teeth bonding procedure.

Dental bonding can fix numerous dental issues ranging from misaligned teeth, misshapen teeth, decayed teeth, cracked teeth, stained teeth, spaced teeth, chipped teeth, and so on.

A minimum of thirty minutes is required to complete the bonding of one tooth, so the duration of appointment depends on how many teeth we need to work on. Typically, patients do not need more than one appointment for the procedure.

No, dental bonding is entirely comfortable and painless. You will not experience any discomfort during the procedure.

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