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About Botox in Dentistry

Botox is a special treatment that smooths the wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes. While this may be true, Botox is also very useful in dentistry. Skilled dentists may use it to address dental health problems such as teeth grinding.
Now, you can become more confident with a brighter smile with the help of a dental makeover! At Burnaby Square Dental, our team of skilled and professional dentists can perform various cosmetic dental procedures to give you fully functional teeth and a pleasing smile. We have everything you need for dental cosmetics, from professional teeth whitening and Botox to veneers and bridges.

What is Botox?

Botox or Botulinum toxin is the toxic compound produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. Botox is a procedure whereby an injectable substance that is a medical-grade form of the botulinum toxin is used to minimize signs of aging. Botox procedure is known as one of the best ways to reduce wrinkles effectively. Botox injections have been recognized and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the most common cosmetic procedures performed today.

The vast majority of botox treatments are usually performed in these three areas of the face–wrinkles around the eyes also known as crow’s feet, vertical lines between the eyebrows, and horizontal forehead furrows. It has been proven to be the best non-surgical procedure that can phenomenally improve an individual’s appearance and enhance facial rejuvenation.

Why Go to a Dentist for Botox?

Dental botox is necessary for improving lip lines, puckered chins, and upside down or gummy smiles. A seasoned dentist trained in oral and maxillofacial health will ensure that the botox treatment will tend to the proper facial muscles, guaranteeing that the outcome looks natural and not stiff or awkward.

How Botox in Dentistry Works

General Procedure of a Botox Treatment

The Botox procedure’s primary function is to alter the muscles beneath the skin around the face associated with wrinkles. A local anesthetic cream is applied to the skin before the commencement of the procedure. When the procedure is completed, ice will be applied immediately.

Botox procedure involves injecting a small amount of Botox into the area of the face that has wrinkles. Botox helps to relax the facial muscles as they block the impulses from the nerve. The skin of the face begins to smoothen out as the facial muscles relax. The effects could last up to three to six months. Hence, patients may need to have the treatment again after that period.

Recovery Process After a Botox Procedure

The procedure does not take a lot of time. In a few minutes, it is done, and the patient can go about their regular duties. The period and intensity of recovery may shorten if patients follow the guidelines after the procedure. These guidelines include avoiding cosmetics application and engaging in heavy physical exercise, as well as making sure not to lie flat on your abdomen within 4 hours after the procedure. It is also essential to avoid massaging or rubbing the treated area within 24 hours after the procedure.General Procedure of a Botox Treatment

Other Uses of Botox

Some other essential uses of Botox are to relieve migraine, incontinence, and excessive underarm sweating. It has also been used to treat patients who are cross-eyed. Nevertheless, botox is not limited to treating these ailments as its ability to paralyze muscles can provide treatment to various medical conditions.

Benefits of Botox in Dentistry

Treating Teeth Grinding and Clenching

If you are experiencing teeth grinding and clenching at night, then you may have the condition called Bruxism. It occurs when despite not eating anything, your jaw muscles continue to grind. Fortunately, dental botox can treat Bruxism by easing your jaw muscles to prevent intense and unnecessary teeth grinding and clenching.

Alleviating Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ)

Dental botox treatment can also reduce any pain and discomfort you may feel from headaches like Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ). Being under a lot of stress can affect your body and lead to migraines, facial pains, and headaches. With the help of Dental Botox, muscle contractions that affect TMJ can be alleviated, allowing you to be free from having migraines for months.

Botox is extremely beneficial in relieving chronic migraines. Patients commonly begin by having one treatment and another after 12 weeks. Many have attested to having felt the results only four weeks after the first treatment.

Enhancing a Gummy Smile

Botox is known for its ability to improve gummy smiles without needing a surgery. Instead, it merely makes use of injections on both sides of the mouth to relax facial muscles and allow the lips to hide the gums, giving you an enhanced and a more pleasant smile.

Improving an Upside-Down Smile

Botox can also turn your frowning lips into what seems like a beautiful faint smile. Injecting “a drop” under the corners of the mouth can create an illusion of having naturally upturned lips instead of frowning-looking ones.

Correcting Lip Lines and Puckered Chins

Other than relaxing the muscles and reducing wrinkles, Botox can also transform the upper lip into a more lifted and fuller look. Before the 30-minute procedure, a topical numbing cream is first applied to ease any discomfort that may be felt. Three to seven days after the procedure, the muscles forming a circle around the mouth are relaxed, and a new look is achieved.

Why Choose Burnaby Square Dental

We Offer a Treatment Plan That Is Tailored to Your Needs

Although relatively new and not many are familiar with this treatment, Botox is highly effective for its various benefits. While it is performed for a facial cosmetic transformation, it can also treat dental issues and conditions.

We Have Trusted and Expert Dentists

You no longer have to endure pain and discomfort from temporomandibular joint (TMS) disorders with dental botox. Our dentists at Burnaby Square Dental are well-trained and experienced to help treat and improve your dental problems. They will guide you with any treatment plan customized only for you. If you would like to know more about the procedure, give us a call at (604)526-2725 or go to

Frequently Asked Questions

While BOTOX treatment should not cause much pain of the sort, the doctor may still use ice packs to prevent swelling and possible discomfort in the injected area.

Botox treatment is entirely safe with an excellent record. It is a temporary treatment and when it wears off, there will be no traces of it left. It is highly suggested to work with professionally trained doctors to guarantee safety when it comes to Botox injections.

Botox has many other uses. It is used for aesthetic enhancements. For instance, with botox, patients no longer need high lip line cases through surgery. Botox is also helpful for patients who are having a difficult time adjusting to new dentures. It also aids facials muscles that need retraining.

It is better to consult with your dentist ahead of time so that the details and procedures can be talked through and your queries be answered. After the prior consultation, the actual Botox treatment may take up to 10 minutes or less. Time varies depending on the patients’ condition, the number of injections needed, and the final diagnosis.

Neuromodulators are used to ease the muscles and prevent them from functioning at total capacity, thus lessening the wrinkles they create. After the treatment, this usually begins to take effect around 3 to 5 days. However, it may take an entire 14 days for the full results to be discernible. The most extended period for Botox’s effects to become evident is two weeks. A Botox injection can last for four months.

It may feel heavy and tight in the areas that were treated. Since Botox functions by giving a temporary paralysis in the treated areas, there may be a notable change in the span of expressions and some differences in how the face reacts when the eyebrows are moved.

There is a general rule of waiting up to four hours before exercising, which includes bending over or lying down. Ideally, the patient should wait for 24 hours before doing these activities.

To ensure that the results of the Botox treatment are maximized in the least possible time, alcohol consumption must be avoided for at least 24 hours after the treatment. This will also help minimize the bruising.

People who are 18 years and above are allowed to have Botox treatment. However, many professionals agree that patients entering their mid-20s up to their early 30s are at their prime for preventative Botox treatment. Preventative botox treatment in early ages will reduce the chance of wrinkle lines to appear.

The only way for the results of your botox treatment to last longer is to regularly have the ‘maintenance’ treatments before the initial treatment’s outcome starts to wear away. Over time, this will eventually train the targeted muscles to respond to neurotoxin in a way that retains the result for a longer period.

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