About the Dentist

You may find yourself buried in work or have a packed schedule that finding some time for a dental appointment is difficult. Still, it is important to remember that visiting your dentist is necessary for your oral health and overall wellbeing. Having a dental appointment every six months helps keep your oral health checked and in its best condition.

The dentist you choose must be someone you are comfortable with during your dental appointments. Here at Burnaby Square Dental, Dr. Shahram Kamaei, along with the staff, are committed to offering you and your family only the best oral health care. We ensure that you do not suffer from serious health concerns such as respiratory problems, risks of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes due to lack of proper oral care. Dr. Kamaei aims to give you unparalleled preventive oral treatments to protect you and your family’s oral and overall health.

Meet Dr. Shahram Kamaei

Dr. Kamaei has been in service for almost twenty years and has been continuously gaining experience and learning throughout. With his experience, he is dedicated to giving you high-quality dental treatments that are carefully executed in almost all aspects of dentistry. He is certified to provide dental services under oral, gas, and moderate IV Sedation for a comfortable and anxiety-free procedure. He also offers Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth. Dr. Kamaei is also well-equipped with the knowledge and skill in performing implant surgeries and restorations to give you a smile you desire.

About the Team

We acknowledge that you have dentists to choose from in Burnaby. At Burnaby Square Dental, Dr. Kamaei and the whole team are committed to giving you only the best quality dental care and treatments. With Dr. Kamaei’s years of experience, together with the proficient team of dental professionals, patients will leave the office extremely satisfied with the successful and comfortable dental care they are given.

Dr. Kamaei and his team give special care to ensure that the patients are at ease and relaxed for their dental visits. We give you a warm welcome as we discuss your goals and the appropriate treatment plan to provide you with what you want to achieve.

Benefits of Visiting a Dentist

Regular Dental Check-Ups

Having regular visits to your dentist can help keep your oral health in good condition. Dental check-ups protect you from developing any serious dental issues in the long run. Visit Burnaby Square Dental to schedule an appointment for your dental check-up today!

Prevent Future Issues

Contrary to what you may think, dentists not only treat your teeth. Having regular dental visits allows the dentist to detect any possible dental concerns that, if not treated immediately, will turn into a worse problem. An example is when a small cavity is found or that your gums aren’t in their best condition, the dentist will be able to resolve it straight away.

We also offer various cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cosmetic procedures are often done through surgical means by an oral surgeon or orthodontist. The dentist makes sure to have a consultation with the patient first before having the cosmetic dental treatments to ensure that the result meets the expectation.

Tooth Removal

Tooth removal is often the most highly suggested dental treatment for many dental problems, especially when you have a decaying tooth that can no longer be restored. By extracting your tooth, the issue is completely cut off and stopped from spreading. It also opens the option of replacing the tooth. Tooth extraction is performed either with a simple method or via surgery.

Save Your Teeth

In situations wherein your tooth is decayed and damaged to the point that it can no longer be saved, your only option is to get it removed. It is essential to save your teeth before getting to this point since losing adult teeth is a permanent effect and can be harmful to your oral health.

Education On Proper Dental Hygiene

Not everyone is fully informed of how to maintain their oral hygiene properly. People commonly brush their teeth once a day and skip flossing. Although this may seem trivial, it can eventually be detrimental to your oral health. To have a complete and proper dental health routine, make sure to regularly visit your dentist to have a professional assist you with your oral health.

Why Choose Dr. Shahram Kamaei

You Will Always Receive a Personalized Experience

Dr. Kamaei, together with his dental team, is dedicated to giving you excellent and extensive dental health care that is unique for each patient. We accommodate and consider each patient’s needs and goals to provide them with the optimum and comfortable dental experience. Dr. Kamaei has accumulated years of experience and skills, becoming well-known for his integrity, professionalism, and deep understanding of his patients. We use advanced technology and equipment for our treatments, including digital x-rays and laser technology, for more efficient and comfortable procedures. We will happily welcome you into our office anytime.

He Provides Quality Dental Care

Dr. Shahram Kamaei believes it is essential to treat your dental problems while making you feel at ease and comfortable. We have a friendly and highly-skilled dental team that is happy to ease your anxiety of having dental appointments in a relaxing environment while giving you the professional and extensive dental care you deserve.

Get your appointment with Dr. Kamaei today! Give us a call at (604) 526-2725.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your first dental visit often involves a dental cleaning and determines your need for fluoride. Your dentist will also inform the parents on the basics of oral hygiene and care for children and any possible developmental issues. Should you have any questions or concerns, you may raise them with your dentist as well.

During your first dental visit and consultation, you will have an overall health evaluation. You will be able to meet our hygienist for your teeth cleaning. You can ask about the several dental services we offer and about our dental practice that you may want to know about.

The general dentist is mainly the one to provide you with dental health care. They are in charge of diagnosing any dental concerns and treat them accordingly. Your general dentist will take care of your overall oral health, including your gums, root canals, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and will protect them from any harm or damage.

Tooth extractions are performed either by a dentist or an oral surgeon. This procedure is fast and straightforward and served under local, general, or intravenous anesthesia. However, if your tooth is broken below the surface or impacted, it may need more extensive treatment.

Regularly visiting your dentist is essential for keeping your oral health in good condition. Your dentist will check your teeth and gums to detect any problems that need treatment. Your dental professional will also perform a cleaning to get rid of built-up plaque and tartar and polish your teeth.

It is highly advised to visit the dentist at least once a year for children, while adults should go twice a year. Children’s teeth decay easier, while adults can go for more than two years without a dental visit, given that they take proper care of their teeth and gums.

The dentist instructs and suggests ways for you to take care of your child’s teeth properly. It is essential to follow the dentist’s advice regarding dental check-ups as they grow, usually once every six months, to prevent cavities and other dental issues.

If the affected tooth can no longer be restored, then the dentist will extract the tooth. The abscess will also be drained to eliminate the infection.

Regular dental exams will allow a dental professional to detect early signs of dental issues and treat them before getting worse. In the long run, this will help you avoid getting costly treatments. The dental hygienist will clean your teeth, and the dentist will then use special tools to examine and probe certain parts on the surface and by the gumline. You may feel some sore or sensitive spots if you haven’t had an examination for a while.

We take into consideration that there are patients who are uncomfortable and anxious about visiting the dentist. Thus, we make sure that our clinic can put your mind and body at ease — let us know if you have specific fears or anxiety so we can resolve them and give you the best dental experience.

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